Product Name : Easy Paster
Model : AG876

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    Product Character

    ITEM NO:AG876 Easy Paster

    size : 45 * 68 * 2 mm

    Material : PET + PU GEL

    Super sticky & easy of use

    Stick to the back of cell phone, convenient to carry.

    Colorful printing shows customer's logo vividly.

    Easy of use: can sticky it to most of the surfaces, no matter the wall, office supplies or 3C products.

    Leave no trace or mark on surface after being moved.

    Reusable and easy cleaning : clean the sticky gel part by water if it gets dirty or stickyless.

    Your own designs or logos are welcome

    Peel off the protection film of the base side, and  stick the EASY PASTER to the

    back of  mobile phone or other obijects.

     proimages/AG876_DSC_0167_450-323.jpg proimages/AG876_DSC_0157_451-343.jpg

    Peel off the protection film of the inner side, then can paste the mobile phone

    (or other objects) to any position that you want to attach to.

     proimages/AG876_DSC_0160_448-338.jpg  proimages/AG876_DSC_0165_604-447.jpg

     proimages/AG876-10_447-297.jpg proimages/AG876-9_451-296.jpg

    proimages/AG876-6_400-334.jpg  proimages/AG876-7_397-319.jpg  

    Take down, cover it when not in use, and carry it everwhere with you.

    proimages/AG876_DSC_0174_301-221.jpg proimages/AG876_DSC_0176_308-260.jpg proimages/AG876_DSC_0177_310-209.jpg